Is CBD Oil Safe for Cancer Patients to Use?

How CBD Oil Can Be Safe for Cancer Patients to Use

It goes without saying that receiving a chronic illness diagnosis is life-changing and often overwhelming. A cancer diagnosis is likely to come with pain — both physical and mental. Traditional pharmaceutical options certainly exist, but with so many different types of cancer (and people!), not all of them are as effective as we like to believe. A non-pharmaceutical option is CBD oil. CBD oil may alleviate cancer symptoms and cancer treatment side effects, without causing any side effects of its own. Some may wonder if CBD oil is safe for cancer patients to use, and it is! Read on to see how CBD oil can make all the difference during cancer treatment.

How CBD Oil Benefits Cancer Patients

CBD oil has many benefits for cancer patients. Here are some of the most important ways it fights cancer and cancer treatment symptoms.

CBD Reduces Pain

Cancer itself may sometimes be associated with pain depending on its location, especially in later stages. Moreover, chemotherapy and similar treatments come with side effects of generalized pain. This may include muscle pain, headaches, achiness, and nerve damage, especially at the site of treatment. Luckily, CBD oil helps fight pain in a few ways. For one, it lowers the amount of inflammation associated with aches, muscle soreness, and similar pains, which therefore decreases pain directly. Indirectly, CBD affects the pain perception centers of the brain, dulling its prevalence. This allows cancer patients to fight both pain and its effects, totally naturally!

CBD May Help With Appetite

One of the most popular ways CBD is used to benefit cancer patients is to fight the loss of appetite. While cancer itself doesn’t necessarily come with these symptoms, treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy are known for inducing nausea and vomiting. Some synthetic cannabinoids, like dronabinol, are approved for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Some patients prefer CBD oil over more pharmaceutical options. Cancer can often become especially dangerous when patients’ weight drops to dangerous levels due to these side effects, and taking CBD can help cancer patients receive the calories and nutrients necessary to stay healthy and endure treatment.

CBD Improves Anxiety Symptoms

Having a chronic illness can create a lot of stress and anxiety in patients, both of which reduce the strength of the immune system and may impact the overall effects of treatment. In fact, a lot of the pain associated with chemotherapy is often tied to the stress and tension of a cancer diagnosis, not the cancer itself. CBD helps boost serotonin signaling and increases the amount of anandamide, or the “bliss molecule,” in the body. By doing so, CBD can improve mental outlook, mood, and the physical symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.

CBD May Have Anti-Cancer Properties

CBD naturally influences the immune system and boosts how it functions, and some believe this may extend to cancer-fighting properties. Of course, more research is needed, and there’s no evidence that CBD oil cures cancer in any way. However, CBD and other cannabis derivatives have some anti-cancer properties when studied in mice, and it’s looking hopeful that CBD could positively affect those with cancer. With that said, CBD certainly shouldn’t replace your standard treatment! Instead, this benefit is more of a potential added bonus.

What Type of CBD Oil Should Cancer Patients Use?

Cancer patients will find that any type of CBD will do the trick; all CBD products are made from CBD oil and have the same potential to be beneficial. However, some forms of CBD are better suited to certain individuals depending on their treatment, type of cancer, and lifestyle. For instance, if you’re a cancer patient that experiences the side effect of nausea at a greater severity, holding a CBD tincture under your tongue is likely far more effective than taking a CBD-infused gummy — the latter could make you sick. Similarly, patients with localized cancer may find that a CBD roll-on topical is better than consuming anything at all.

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More research is coming out every day that supports CBD as an all-natural alternative to traditional pharmaceutical treatments. Like with all supplements, CBD oil’s efficacy may vary from person to person. Always consult your doctor or a medical professional before adding CBD to your regimen if you’re undergoing serious treatments like chemotherapy. If you’re ready to add CBD to your daily life, don’t look any further than cannajoy’s line of all-natural, organic, and chemical-free CBD products! We use only the best ingredients and purest extraction methods to ensure the CBD you get is the healthiest available. Shop cannajoy online now!

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