Is CBD Oil Legal?

Is CBD Oil Legal?

cannajoy is often asked if our CBD products are legal. It’s a natural question to ask, because stigmatization of cannabis products has led the general public to wonder if CBD carries the same set of laws and legalities as THC. However, we’re happy to report that yes, CBD and CBD oil are entirely legal across all 50 states! Hemp-derived CBD requires no prescription or medical card, which is because there’s virtually no THC in CBD oil. In fact, all of our products must have less than 0.3% THC to be sold at all, which is tested and verified by a third-party lab. 

The Discovery of CBD

CBD has been used for medicinal purposes for a very long time, with the first reported use being as early as 2737 BC! In the 1800s, an Irish doctor began looking into the medicinal effects of cannabis as a whole, and by the 1900s, scientific researchers had isolated both THC and CBD. This scientific breakthrough allowed doctors and scientists to figure out which of the two main cannabinoids caused which effects, eventually leading to published studies on how CBD is not an intoxicating, psychoactive compound.

How CBD Became Legalized

Getting CBD legalized was a bit of a process. CBD faced all of the same stigma that THC and cannabis did, despite its very different effects.

In 2006, a girl by the name of Charlotte Figi was born with an epilepsy type known as Dravet Syndrome. Dravet syndrome is rare but devastating. By age four, Charlotte was experiencing three hundred seizures each day. She had lost most of her ability to walk, talk, or eat, robbing her of the ability to be a normal kid.

Her parents tried every traditional medical treatment, none making much of a difference on Charlotte’s condition. Eventually, they turned to CBD oil, which ridded Charlotte of seizures almost immediately. It was last reported that Charlotte only experiences 2-3 seizures per week now, an incredibly drastic difference.

Charlotte’s success story and interviews about her condition became a beacon of light for those suffering from chronic illnesses – and she wasn’t the only success story. It was with these hugely impactful stories that the American attitude towards CBD changed.

CBD’s Current Legalization Status

Currently, hemp-derived CBD is federally legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill. You can buy CBD across the country, totally legally, so long as the THC content of the CBD product doesn’t exceed 0.3%. There are also many states where cannabis, either medically or recreationally, is legal even if it contains THC, which means there are legal products that contain high amounts of CBD and THC depending on where you live.

CBD in Legal Pharmaceutics

CBD is legalized and FDA-approved in an oral solution format called Epidiolex, which is often used to treat patients with seizures. Currently, this is the only pharmaceutical application of CBD beyond the more classic and simple CBD oil.

cannajoy’s Legal and Safe CBD

cannajoy understands that CBD is simply not THC. It’s “psychoactive” in that it affects (improves!) your mood, but it’s certainly not intoxicating the way THC is. This cannabinoid provides all the benefits of cannabis without the mental fog, which is why it’s our favorite and also why we provide it! When you choose CBD from cannajoy, you’re opting for organic, all-natural, hemp-derived CBD free of not only THC, but also pesticides, herbicides, natural fertilizers, GMO plants, and any trace solvents. Shop online now to have safe and third-party tested CBD products shipped right to your doorstep!

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