How to Use Hemp Oil to Help With Holiday Stress

How to Use Hemp Oil to Help With Holiday Stress

If stress has got you down during the holiday season, you’re not alone. So many of us enter the winter months with much on our minds. While a joyful time of year, it’s easy to get bogged down with the stress of it all. Don’t fear the season’s festivities, simply choose hemp oil instead! Here’s how this plant-based oil can power you through the holiday season.

Reduces Anxiety

The holidays come with a notoriously high level of stress. There’s something so frantic about having to shop, cook, bake, plan, and visit everyone! With a calendar packed full of celebrations, mitigating anxiety is an absolute must for enjoying the holidays. Hemp oil does so through its use of healthy, non-psychoactive cannabinoids. CBD specifically increases the body’s amount of anandamide, known as the “bliss molecule.” 

Fights Inflammation, Aches, and Pains

Traveling on a long flight? Sitting in the car for a few hours? Feeling sore from putting up the tree? The holidays can be taxing on our bodies, and there’s often little time to recover. However, it can be hard to enjoy all that’s under the tree and the wonderful company around if you’re experiencing inflammation, aches, and pains! Hemp oil fights these symptoms by reducing inflammation at the source, reducing the associated pain. Additionally, its effects in the brain reduce the perception of pain, so you can focus on family and friends.

Encourages Balance and Homeostasis

It’s easy to lose sight of our schedules during the holiday season. One late night wrapping presents or a single cross-time zone flight can leave you feeling discombobulated for the remainder of the holiday season. Luckily, hemp oil can help. The CBD of hemp oil encourages regulation of all bodily systems, getting you back on track even as your schedule changes during the holidays. You’ll feel just as rested due to hemp oil’s sleep-promoting properties, focused and alert due to its brain activity, and physically ready for the day from its impact on serotonin signaling!

Battles Free Radicals

Trying to look good in the family Christmas photo? Hemp oil contains free radical-fighting properties. Free radicals are molecules that bounce through the body, created as a by-product of natural processes. These molecules seek to complete their unbalanced charge by stealing an electron, but often do so from healthy cells or tissues that need them. In doing so, these free radicals cause damage, most prominently of the skin. Free radicals are quick to present themselves in the form of visible signs of aging. Adding hemp oil to your holiday season can help reduce the stress that can create free radicals, and prevent them from doing damage — helping you glow inside and out.

Makes For a Great Gift

We’ll admit it: a lot of the holiday’s stress comes from worrying about the gifts we’ll be giving! When there are so many friends and family members on our lists, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with presents, especially while keeping them personalized, useful, and special. Hemp oil is a present that truly benefits everyone and therefore can satisfy any gift-giving. Giving hemp oil shows you care about the person’s well-being, health, stress levels, and more — all on a daily basis! And because hemp oil isn’t specific to any one symptom, condition, or benefit, it is quite literally a universal present.

Ditch Holiday Stress, Shop cannajoy

Cannajoy is happy to help when it comes to the holidays. Our full-spectrum hemp oil is filled with helpful cannabinoids like CBD, CBC, CBDV, CBG, and CBN. Together, these plant-based molecules work alongside your body’s natural systems to boost homeostatic control and overall well-being. Because our hemp oils aren’t overly processed, the molecules inside can benefit your body through an entourage effect, where the effects of each individual component amplify the others! Best of all, cannajoy’s signature hemp oils (available in three incredible flavors) are organic, non-GMO, and vegan — so you can gift them to anyone on your list! Shop our hemp oils online today and make the holiday season all the more festive.

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