How to Use Hemp Oil For Relaxation

How to Use Hemp Oil For Relaxation

8 out of 10 Americans report being affected by stress — and it’s likely you’re a part of that statistic. Fighting stress and anxiety on a daily basis proves to be a challenge for many of us, whether it be from work, school, family life, or external sources. Stress affects each of us differently, but many symptoms seem to be shared by those experiencing it. Long-term stress, also known as chronic stress, can cause headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart palpitations, increased irritability, poor mood, and a heightened fight-or-flight response, among many other symptoms. Over time, these stress symptoms can have adverse effects on our health, worsening both physical and mental well-being.

How Hemp Oil Helps Relaxation

Hemp oil has the potential to provide the stress relief you’re looking for by promoting relaxation and calmness. The cannabinoids, or plant molecules, found in hemp oil are known to greatly reduce the effects of stress. Some worry about how this will affect their stressed psyche, but worry not: unlike THC, the molecules found in hemp are not psychoactive. While THC can cause mental fuzziness, hemp oil instead just calms the brain. It doesn’t cause mental slowness but can actually increase focus and motivation.

In addition to being calming, hemp oil fights the symptoms of several mood disorders. These symptoms are usually shared with patients undergoing excessive stress, meaning that hemp oil can help no matter the source of symptoms. Hemp oil has been shown to reduce social anxiety, especially that related to professional or educational settings. It also helps with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). In addition to mitigating its effects, hemp oil’s powerful molecules change the brain’s initial reaction to anxiety, changing blood flow patterns with respect to the parts of the brain associated with fight-or-flight. Additionally, hemp oil has antidepressant-like effects — which can be helpful if chronic stress becomes overwhelming or crippling.

With all of this said, it should again be noted that stress and anxiety are not the same. A little bit of stress here and there isn’t problematic. In fact, it’s simply the body’s natural response to the everyday challenges that we face. Without a stress response, you likely wouldn’t have the motivation to study for a test or prepare for a big presentation. However, chronic stress and anxiety symptoms can easily manifest in similar forms, and therefore treatment is often similar as well.

Add Hemp Oil to Your Relaxation Regimen

Now that we’ve seen the importance of hemp oil in a daily regimen, let’s see how to implement it! The beauty of both relaxation and hemp oil is that they come in many forms, allowing each individual user to tailor their regimen to their needs. While hemp oil isn’t the end-all, be-all for ultimate relaxation, adding it to your relaxation regimen is a great way to amplify its effects.

A few ways to incorporate hemp oil are: adding hemp oil to a hot bath; diffusing hemp oil alongside other essential oils in a diffuser; adding a few drops of hemp oil to your herbal tea; consuming hemp oil before a meditation session; using hemp oil during a bedtime routine.

Of course, the best way to encourage relaxation is to simply continue using hemp oil on a daily basis. Because hemp oil contains plant versions of the molecules your endocannabinoid system needs to function, it’s helpful to add it to your daily routine. No matter how you consume or use it, hemp oil as a daily supplement improves your body’s control of homeostasis. When used daily, your body is always ready for whatever life has to throw at it, giving you the mental fortitude and positive outlook to view stressors as a challenge and not a threat.

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