How to Take CBD Oil for Nausea

How to Take CBD Oil for Treating Nausea, Vomiting, and Sickness

CBD is known for its ability to treat or lessen the impact of multiple medical conditions and symptoms. From chronic ailments to daily stress, cannabidiol is the non-pharmaceutical option so many people have always been looking for. With such a broad range of effects, it’s no surprise that CBD oil holds the potential to treat nausea, vomiting, and sickness. In fact, CBD’s first uses in mainstream medicine within the past few decades include one, treating seizures, and two, reducing the sickness associated with cancer patients’ chemotherapy. For a while, there were many who believed it’s only purpose was to treat nausea, though we’ve quickly learned that its capabilities go far beyond that. Here’s how CBD oil treats nausea, and how to take CBD oil for yours.

Causes of Nausea

There are many causes of nausea. From a psychiatric perspective, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders are the common culprits of nausea. Many serious medical conditions are also accompanied by queasiness, including brain tumors, vertigo, meningitis, and stroke. Similarly, treatments for chronic medical conditions like chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery can all cause nausea. Even daily parts of our lives hold the potential to make us feel sick, including illness or infections, extreme pain, motion sickness, pregnancy, and premenstrual syndrome.

How CBD Treats Nausea

There are a couple of different pathways that affect the nausea center of the brain, and it’s by affecting CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system that you can inhibit nausea and vomiting. CBD increases anandamide, which is a molecule that indirectly activates CB1 receptors found in the medulla. The medulla is the portion of the brain that contains innate and autonomic (or, involuntary) actions such as vomiting. Once anandamide activates CB1 receptors, the feelings of nausea are reduced. Additionally, CBD can use indirect mechanisms for managing underlying causes of nausea such as those listed above. It should be noted that THC is also effective, and works directly on CB1 receptors as opposed to indirectly, but is not legal nationwide.

How to Use CBD for Nausea

There are many ways to take CBD. However, orally consuming CBD can be difficult when you have an upset stomach. Even worse, actually, vomiting could nullify taking the CBD all together if consumed orally. Your best option is to take CBD oil sublingually, or underneath the tongue. Hold it for up to a minute, and then spit it out. It’s totally safe to swallow it, but likely not recommended if you’re feeling queasy.

Other Herbs That Treat Nausea

Combining CBD with other herbs may offer additive effects. Ginger, lemon balm, chamomile, and peppermint are all options for relieving nausea, and most of them can be found as herbal teas. Try adding CBD oil to a freshly-brewed cup of tea — our peppermint-flavored CBD oil would complement one nicely!

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