How to Make Your Own Hemp Holiday Treats

How to Make Your Own Hemp Holiday Treats

Gift giving, present wrapping, preparing food, and getting the family together: everyone is all too familiar with the stress associated with the holidays. While we can’t make the holidays easy, we can make some of the things on your to-do list a little less stressful — by giving you some hemp holiday treat ideas! One of the best parts of winter is how plentiful desserts are, and you’re likely preparing some baked goods of your own. Instead of creating normal treats this year, opt to add some hemp to your recipe. Not only will you reap the health benefits, but it’ll help you relax so you can truly enjoy cozying up by the fire.

How Hemp Desserts Work

Hemp oil desserts are a great way to get your hemp because the food helps your body absorb the hemp more. It’s like taking your morning vitamins with breakfast; doing so increases the bioavailability of nutrients. Desserts tend to be high in fat, and because hemp oil is a fat, it will be absorbed by the preexisting butter or oil. Once consumed, cannabinoids dissolve into the bloodstream to naturally boost your body’s endocannabinoid system. Hemp oil is believed to mediate your “fight-or-flight” response and bring down stress levels — perfect for the holiday season.

How to Cook and Bake Using Hemp Oil

You may have heard that you shouldn’t really cook with hemp oil, and this has some truth to it. In general, heating hemp oil makes the cooking process far harder than adding it to completed meals — which is why hemp oil is typically added to cold recipes by beginners. This level of skill doesn’t make it impossible, though. It just means it takes a little extra care! When it comes to baked goods, it’s awfully hard to add hemp oil at the end, so baking it in is most ideal.

Warming up hemp oil can have some benefits, like activating extra cannabinoids present in the mixture. However, it’s easy to overheat, and anything over 200 degrees Fahrenheit can burn the oil. Burning will not only decrease the efficacy of the hemp oil, but it also bears the potential to make your treat, well, not so tasty.

In order to properly cook and bake using hemp oil, you’ll want to pair it with a carrier oil. Some examples of carrier oils include olive oil, vegetable oil, and butter. Carrier oils suspend the hemp oil so that the hemp oil is never heated directly. It helps to have especially high-quality hemp oil in these instances, as it preserves the efficacy.

Some Tasty Hemp Dessert Recipe Ideas

Need some baking inspo? We’ve got just the holiday recipe ideas for you!

Breads & Loaves

Hemp oil-infused breads and loaves are a great bakery treat. They’re sweet enough to be considered dessert, plain enough to be eaten as a breakfast treat, and pair perfectly with holiday drinks (or even just plain coffee!). There are so many variants too, including pumpkin bread, cinnamon-spiced apple bread, and gingerbread.

Cookies, Brownies, & Bars

Cookies, brownies, and bars are the top treats of the winter season. They’re great for on the go or for gifting, plus they’re easy to eat! You can bake in hemp oil into many treats, or you can add hemp oil into an applied topping. Consider creating hemp oil-infused frosting or caramel sauce. It can be store-bought or a homemade recipe, just be sure to let the topping soften a little before stirring in the hemp oil.

Festive Drinks

The beauty of hemp oil is that it can be dropped into just about any finished beverage and give it the health benefits of hemp oil without changing the taste at all! If you haven’t yet had hemp oil eggnog, lattes, or hot chocolate, it’s time to try one. Don’t forget to include additional seasonal flavors such as cinnamon, peppermint, or hazelnut.

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