Can Taking Hemp Oil Increase Productivity?

How Taking Hemp Oil Can Increase Your Productivity

For many of us, recent current events have made it harder to focus. There’s a lot going on, you may be working from home, and might even be acting as a teacher for your children. In times like these, it’s vital to spend your waking hours being productive without feeling overwhelmed. Worry not; hemp oil can help.

Improved Focus and Concentration

The first step to being productive is having the ability to focus and concentrate on your work. Hemp oil regulates the endocannabinoid system in such a way that it reduces excess energy in a positive way, allowing you to direct towards whatever it is you’re working on. Especially for those struggling with ADD/ADHD or another neurological disorder, hemp oil may offer just the benefits you’re looking for.

Heightened Mental Function

With a heightened mental function, productivity is sure to occur, and luckily for us, hemp oil’s effects on the endocannabinoid system also benefit cognitive function

For one, hemp oil greatly influences neuron behavior. It creates additional anandamide, the bliss molecule, to improve homeostatic regulation, reduce brain inflammation, and heighten the signaling between neurons. Moreover, hemp oil upregulates the mechanisms that attack old, sick, and infected cells. These processes are totally normal, and necessary to make room for healthy brain cells.

Additionally, hemp oil helps reduce the symptoms of mental deficiencies like anxiety, depression, PTSD. When these disorders cloud your function, hemp oil can mitigate their effects, getting you back into a focused mood with improved memory.

Reduced Stress

Stress can greatly get in the way of being productive. With an overflow of thoughts, it’s often tough to focus on the things you can change, especially while feeling good about changing them. Hemp oil reduces brain static, racing thoughts, and brain chatter, allowing you to think more clearly and with a level head. 

Increased Energy Levels

Hemp oil boosts energy in general, as well as improving how you rest and recover. For mornings that you’re feeling a little sluggish, hemp acts as an energy booster. It does so by strengthening the bodily cells that are feeling sleepy and sluggish. Don’t believe us? Try one our signature flavored hemp oils in your morning cup of coffee, and you’ll certainly see the difference!

General Wellness

With the complex lives we lead, a lack of productivity can be the result of any number of disorders. Taking hemp oil helps reduce the effects of many different physical ailments, improves body-wide function, and provides many generalized benefits. If your sleep quality hasn’t been great, or a pain keeps you from focusing at work or school, for example, hemp oil can improve your daily life in small ways that make a big impact. 

cannajoy’s Hemp Oil for Increased Productivity

Hemp oil’s effects on productivity cannot be understated, and it’s a healthy, all-natural alternative to many focus-inducing pharmaceuticals. cannajoy’s hemp oil and other hemp oil products are the best way to improve your productivity, among many other things. Also, no need to worry about what’s in our products — it’s just hemp oil! All of our hemp is non-GMO, and grown in a USDA-certified organic environment. Our extraction process is as close to natural as possible too, using CO2 as a solvent instead of a chemical alternative. Shop our selection of hemp oil products online now, and see how hemp oil transforms your life.