Can Hemp Oil Reduce Inflammation?

How Hemp Oil Can Reduce Inflammation

Hemp oil certainly has a lot of benefits, but many of them are tied back to one central ability: hemp oil can reduce inflammation. Many conditions and disorders are worsened by the presence of inflammation, whether it be inflammation caused by said condition or inflammation as an accessory ailment due to a separate disorder. While medications for these conditions exist, they may not work, and when they do, they are often accompanied by numerous detrimental side effects like nausea, brain fog, and more. Today, we’ll take a look into how exactly hemp oil and hemp oil products reduce inflammation, why they’re a great alternative to prescribed pharmaceutical avenues to inflammation relief, and how they can help you!

The Issue With Acute & Chronic Inflammation

Acute inflammation refers to inflammation that occurs following an injury, infection, or illness. Your immune system sends protective cells to the site of injury, infection, or illness, causing swelling, redness, and heat. While uncomfortable, acute inflammation isn’t often a medical concern, but it can be easily improved by hemp oil, which may aid the healing process.

Chronic inflammation is when an immune response is continuous over a period of time. As inflammation stays in a singular location, surrounding organs and tissue can become greatly damaged by excess swelling and heat. There’s an increased number of free radicals produced by the immune system’s macrophages, which results in oxidative stress – a situation where there’s not enough antioxidants to combat the number of free radicals.

How Hemp Oil Fights Inflammation for Wellness

Ongoing research on hemp oil shows that hemp oil interacts with multiple facets of the inflammation cascade and bodily response, making it a dynamic treatment. Hemp oil can reduce inflammation through numerous pathways in the body, and also treats conditions characterized by the presence of inflammation. Hemp oil can bind to receptors in the endocannabinoid system and central nervous system that control pain, sensory perception, inflammation, and temperature. All of these factors play a huge role in the level of immune response created by the body.

For those suffering from overactive immune systems, a hemp oil treatment may also reduce immune-cell activity in general, providing relief without reducing the capacity of the body to fight off bacteria and viruses. One example is with arthritis, a disease defined by inflammation of the joints that often results in pain, reduction in joint mobility, and reduced quality of life as certain painful activities are avoided. Not only does hemp oil help with inflammation in this instance and other similar situations, but it also prevents patients from developing nerve damage and further pain.

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