Can Hemp Oil Help the Common Cold?

How Hemp Oil Can Help Fight the Common Cold

Hemp oil oil can be helpful in fighting the common cold, even replacing some over-the-counter remedies. Here’s how.

Reduces Inflammation

The biggest effect felt from the common cold is inflammation, as explained above. Hemp oil is notably good at fighting inflammation, which is what makes so great for the common cold. Taking hemp oil may help with respiratory congestion and other related symptoms, including pain, felt from respiratory swelling.

Immune Strengthening Properties and CB Receptors

Hemp oil works on the CB2 receptors of the immune system. The body uses its own endocannabinoids to moderate an immune response, but it’s not always capable of keeping up. Hemp oil gives your body the natural endocannabinoids needed to keep itself intact while fighting a sickness. Moreover, consistent use of hemp oil may supplement the immune system enough to prevent illnesses from ever taking hold in the first place!

Antiviral Properties

Hemp oil is believed to have some antiviral qualities, making it an essential addition to your cold-fighting regimen. It’s naturally an antimicrobial and may have some of the same effects on viral bodies it encounters.

Reduces the Use of Antibiotics

Colds are caused by viruses, and therefore antibiotics are usually worthless against their treatment. However, some doctors may prescribe them for their anti-inflammatory effects when viruses are especially bad. Because hemp oil helps with inflammation and pain management, it reduces the likelihood of using antibiotics in unnecessary cases.

Fight Your Common Cold With cannajoy

The common cold may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not treatable! As always, remember to wash your hands and avoid touching your face — they’re the most effective ways to keep sickness at bay. But, when sickness does arrive, choose hemp oil as a beneficial addition to soup, rest, and lots of fluids! cannajoy’s all-natural hemp oils come with zero additives or artificial ingredients, meaning they’re ideal for providing your body with healthy cannabinoids you need.


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