Can Hemp Oil Help Boost Your Immune System?

How Hemp Oil Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Each and every day, we encounter bacteria, viruses, and diseases – especially now more than ever. Our immune systems are constantly on the frontline, fighting the pathogens that we happen to cross paths with. With so many microscopic agents for disease, having a strong immune system is a priority for most of us, and hemp oil can help you achieve a better one! Hemp oil is a known treatment supplement for a variety of ailments, illnesses, and chronic diseases, but hemp oil actually does more than that. It can boost your immune system and protect against foreign antibodies through immune system mediation, so you can avoid getting sick in the first place!

Where Endocannabinoid Meets the Immune System

The endocannabinoid system runs throughout your body, including throughout the brain, nervous system, and organs. This system helps our body maintain homeostasis, which is just a fancy way of saying maintaining the “norm” or “status quo.” When you get sick, homeostasis is inherently disrupted.

Hemp oil is known as an immunomodulator, meaning that it keeps the immune system in check. It allows the immune system to be alert and responsive, and supports immune responses by allowing antibodies to be gathered in the most effective way possible. Hemp oil helps both underactive and overactive immune systems to function better, making it the ideal supplement for everyone!

Beyond monitoring the immune system, hemp oil also works on other bodily functions that indirectly support your immune health. For one, hemp oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that lower the body’s inflammatory response. It also promotes apoptosis, or cellular death, which helps sick or infected cells terminate their own lives to preserve the wellness of surrounding cells that could have pathogens passed on to them. Hemp oil can prevent proliferation, which is the rapid growth of cells. This can be particularly helpful when you come into contact with viruses, which are usually known for their fast life cycles that hijack your cells’ machinery in order to replicate. For those with autoimmune diseases, hemp oil can be a particularly excellent therapy alone or in addition to traditional, pharmaceutical treatments.

Improving Overall Health

When we are lacking sleep, food with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, or mental clarity, one of the first things to suffer is our immune system. It’s why people who experience greater levels of chronic stress, tension, and anxiety tend to fall ill with the common cold and flu-like symptoms more often. 

Taking hemp oil reduces brain chatter, racing thoughts, and low levels of energy. It gives you focus, alertness, and motivation, equipping you with the mental state to put your physical health first. It reduces stress on a visceral level, increasing the body’s concentration of anandamide, known colloquially as the “bliss molecule.” Reduced stress and well-managed feelings allow bodies to focus on more vital functions, including allocating white blood cells to the places that need it most. Hemp oil’s reduction of overactive responses promotes general wellness and helps you feel better all over!

Hemp Oil From cannajoy for Your Immune System

For most people, taking hemp oil might not feel like anything at first, but the internal effects are certainly being felt by your body. Taking hemp oil improves general wellness, as well as specifically enhancing the immune system. Shop our range of hemp oil products online now and start bettering your immune responses!