Can Hemp Oil Be Used to Treat Drug Addiction?

How Hemp Oil Can Be Used to Treat Drug Addiction

Drug addictions have been on the rise in recent years, with the most notable being the opioid epidemic. While opioids are the most common, many more people struggle with other drug-related problems, including those from fentanyl, heroin, alcohol, and nicotine. Treatments exist, but they’re often hard to endure, noted to be painful, mentally taxing, and, for some, ineffective. Hemp oil is offering a shining light, having medicinal and therapeutic benefits without being a pharmaceutical drug.

How Does Hemp Oil Work for Addiction?

Hemp oil is a phyto-cannabinoid made by hemp. Despite it’s plant origin, it resembles the endogenous cannabinoids your body naturally makes in order to run the homeostatic status of your body. Due to the similar structure, hemp oil works alongside your body’s receptors to improve how your organs, systems, and mind function. Hemp oil acts on the neurotransmission systems involved in addiction, and it may aid those recovering from addiction through therapeutic properties, protection of stress vulnerability, and lowering neurotoxicity. Beyond its physiological effects, hemp oil also improves the symptoms associated with addiction.

Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms vary wildly from person to person, and are also dependent on the substance from which they are caused. However, in general, withdrawal symptoms often include nausea, sweating, fatigue, seizures, and hallucinations. While hemp oils’ effect on these symptoms from addiction are still being studied, we do know that hemp oil greatly decreases the presence of these specific symptoms when they’re the result of chronic illnesses like cancer and seizure disorders. From a practical standpoint, it can be loosely assumed hemp oil will have a similar outcome on things like nausea, seizures, and mental unrest.

Reduce Anxiety

One of the biggest withdrawal symptoms of any addiction is increased anxiety. This anxiety can be the result of a feedback loop caused by physical withdrawal symptoms, like an increased heart rate, palpitations, and sweating. It may also be entirely mental, causing sudden onset of fear and panic attacks. This type of anxiety is debilitating, and may be especially tough to overcome in the wake of addiction. Hemp oil helps by increasing serotonin signaling and body concentration of anandamide, the “bliss molecule.”

Curb Cravings

Hemp oil is believed to reduce the cravings associated with drug addiction withdrawal, most specifically for opioids, cocaine, and other stimulants like amphetamines. Hemp oil does so by fighting the body’s physical urge, as well as reducing anxiety and impulsivity in the brain of the person recovering. 

Improve Mental Wellness

Sometimes, the push we need to accomplish a huge feat like recovering from addiction is powered by our minds. Like previously mentioned, recovery is a long and arduous process, and those undergoing it should be proud of their progress. Hemp oil can benefit mental wellness, boosting mood, focus, and functionality. It helps the brain remove sick, old, or infected cells, and improves neural signaling between portions of the brain.

Support for Hemp Oil as an Addiction Treatment

Currently, some studies on hemp oil’s efficacy for addiction treatment have been completed, though many more are still underway. The most notable treatment study gave opioid addiction recoverers either 400 mg of hemp oil, 800 mg of hemp oil, or a placebo daily. The study measured emotional response, vital signs, and the body’s stress response through cortisol level. They found that individuals receiving hemp oil medication had less cravings, even when exposed to drug cues like videos of drug injections and drug paraphernalia. Aside from opioids, individuals report using cannabinoids to cut back on or entirely quit other substances, though these are less studied. Only time will tell, but keep your eyes out for more information as studies on hemp oil for cocaine addiction in Canada and multiple U.S. studies become complete.

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