Boost Your Sleep Quality Through Hemp Oil

America’s Sleep Problem

Millions of Americans wake up each morning without feeling rested, and just as many have a hard time falling asleep at night. Despite the minimum recommended seven hours of sleep per night, many of us don’t put sleep first. There are plenty of reasons why: work, schooling, various obligations, and more. Sometimes, though, our sleep issues come from disruptions to our physical and mental wellness. In an effort to mitigate these issues, some people may turn to prescription or over-the-counter sleep medications, which can cause dependency and side effects. So, how then should we be going about repairing our sleep schedules? cannajoy might have an idea: hemp oil!

Is Hemp Oil the Sleep Solution?

Hemp oil is proving to be a possible sleep solution that tops all others. This is because of its two-sided approach to relieving sleep disruptions. Hemp oil helps improve your sleep quality by improving sleep systems in general while also relieving unrelated symptoms that can distract your sleep processes, like pain, stress, and more. This diversity in approach potentiates hemp oil as a sleep solution that could help anyone and everyone.

Sleep and Anxiety

A variety of mental health ailments can affect falling asleep and sleep quality. With those with PTSD, sleep disturbances that give rise to REM cycle issues are common. Similarly, hemp oil can help with anxiety-related sleep problems. Hemp oil helps regulate a stress hormone called cortisol, which can impact non-REM cycles, especially when cortisol is found at high, excess amounts. Even for people who can fall asleep, their sleep quality can be greatly disrupted by anxiety or stress-induced nightmares. This general restlessness and increased propensity for nightmares is called REM sleep behavior disorder, which may be reduced by taking hemp oil on a regular basis.

Reducing Pain Before Bed

Pain can be a huge inhibitor to falling asleep at night. Whether acute or chronic, hemp oil offers pain relief that doesn’t come in the form of pharmaceuticals. While some sleep aids simply make you sleepier, in hopes of outweighing the pain, hemp oil actually reduces your body’s perception of pain. This means you’re capable of falling asleep more organically, with less pain and more comfort. This extends to those experiencing temporary symptoms not quite categorized as either acute or chronic, like post-operational recovery or pregnancy.

Attaining Full Relaxation

Even when we feel mentally relaxed, our body may still be storing tension in the muscles. Muscular tension can reduce our ability to fall asleep, which hemp oil helps with. Additionally, for overactive muscles often associated with disorders such as Parkinson’s, hemp oil may reduce muscle tremors and involuntary movements.

Timing Your Hemp 

It seems strange to talk about how hemp oil can make you more alert in an article about sleeping better, but the truth is, hemp oil can improve both. Your body’s sleep and wake cycles are interconnected, and affecting one can impact your body as a whole. Taking hemp oil in the morning can keep you more awake and alert throughout the day. Because your wakefulness is increased, you’ll feel more sleepy at night!

Hemp Oil For Sleep and More

cannajoy’s range of hemp oil products are helpful for improving sleep, but that’s not all they do! Our oils, daily gummies, roll-on gels, and even pet treats are made with all-natural hemp hemp oil sourced from USDA-certified organic farms in Kentucky. A calm brain and reduced tension are just a cannajoy product away! Don’t wait; improve your sleep today with hemp oil.

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