Are Hemp Oil Products Vegan?

Are cannajoy’s Hemp Oil Products Vegan?

At cannajoy, we pride ourselves on putting all-natural ingredients first. We know that what you consume is important, and we would never put anything in our products that we wouldn’t consume ourselves! A question we get asked quite often about our ingredients is, are they vegan? We’re happy to answer: yes! All of our products are entirely vegan, which makes them able to be enjoyed by everyone. Below, we’ll dive into our product making process and talk about how each individual item is vegan.

How We Grow Our All-Natural Hemp Oil

Our all-natural hemp oil is grown on a farm in Kentucky. All of our products are made in the U.S., which means they always meet American standards.


From the beginning, the plants we choose are entirely non-GMO. We don’t use genetically modified organisms because we know our hemp is perfect just the way it is!

No Pesticides or Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are bad for the environment, putting excess nitrates into the soil. Additionally, some studies have shown that they’re actually worse for plants, making them grow too quickly to hold any substantial nutrients and producing less beneficial plant material. We don’t use pesticides either, because these toxins don’t fit our all-natural model. 


Some hemp oil products are made so that they contain just hemp oil, without any other cannabinoids present. Ours are a little different. We grow our CBD from hemp, which means only trace amounts of THC (if any at all!) are present. This means our processing doesn’t have to focus on removing other cannabinoids besides hemp oil. In fact, we keep them all in! Our hemp oil is full-spectrum, including all of the non-intoxicating cannabinoids naturally found in the plant. This gives you a wider variety of beneficial cannabinoids that all work together, for more effective hemp oil.

Natural Processing

Our hemp oil is extracted from hemp through a solventless process. Instead of using acetone or a similar chemical, we remove hemp oil from plant matter using CO2-extraction. This means the only byproduct ever created is CO2, which is in the air you breathe out!

Our Vegan, All-Natural Oils

Our hemp oils are tinctures made with coconut oil. There’s not a single non-vegan ingredient, and every is derived from plants! Our natural flavor contains like fractionated coconut oil (MCT) and CO2-extracted industrial hemp oil. Our peppermint option also contains all-natural peppermint flavoring, and our vanilla flavor is made with all-natural vanilla extract flavoring.

Our Vegan, Pain-Relieving Topicals

Our roll-on hemp oil topical pain-relieving gel has a few ingredients, but none of them come from animals! It’s made primarily with hemp extract, water, isopropyl alcohol, menthol, camphor, tea tree oil, and organic aloe vera. 

Our Vegan, Tasty Gummies

Vegan hemp oil gummies can be a bit harder to find on the market. Gummies require a gelling agent to achieve their squishy consistency. In the past, this agent was nearly always gelatin, which is derived from animals, namely their hooves. Instead, we at cannajoy use citrus pectin to create our strawberry, orange, and pineapple gummies. Citrus pectin is derived from citrus fruits, as the name would suggest! With cannajoy’s products, even our gummies, you’re always getting vegan options.

Choose cannajoy’s All-Natural Vegan Hemp Oil Products

The next time you’re searching for vegan hemp oil products, you know where to look: cannajoy! Not only are our products all-natural and vegan, but each batch is tested by a third party laboratory to ensure quality. Our hemp oil-infused options make it easy to achieve a more joyful lifestyle, and with every purchase, we donate to charities – including ones for animal welfare! – to spread the joy a little further. Shop our gummies, oils, and roll-ons now on our site!

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