Beyond Hemp Oil

cannajoy is about more than helping people, pets, and the planet through the incredible power of hemp oil. When you purchase our products, a portion of the proceeds go directly to charitable organizations with a variety of causes. Through this, we’re spreading joy beyond the realm of hemp oil, empowering others to do the same.

Joy for Good Causes

Hemp oil is for everyone, and our causes are too. We proudly partner with a variety of incredible organizations that work to better the lives of people and animals, as well as improve systems surrounding education, the environment, and health and medicine. It's with their help that we continue to watch the world grow more joyful, beyond hemp oil.

Our animal philanthropy is RedRover, a group that provides help to animals and people in crisis or pain. Every dollar donated goes towards emergency shelter, disaster relief services, financial assistance, and education. Our support for RedRover helps them to provide pet-friendly domestic violence shelters nationwide, grow their volunteer base, and implement classroom curriculum that emphasizes empathy.

There is no situation where a child in America should go hungry. No Kid Hungry is an organization dedicated to giving children access to healthy food and nutrition programs, all across the country. Their funds help provide school breakfasts, after-school meals, and summer meals when school is closed. Additionally, they work to make these impacts permanent by supporting food skills education, research, advocacy, and public policy work.

Our educational impact is through the organization Reading Partners. This national nonprofit mobilizes communities to provide students with the individualized reading support they need by fourth grade, funding tutors, reading centers, and more. The profits of each purchase help provide a student in need with a reading level-appropriate book they can keep.

Being part of such a largest environmental project is something we are extra proud of! With the philanthropy One Tree Planted, we’re working towards a planet with less global deforestation. For every one dollar donated, a tree is planted – and in 2020 alone, they’ll be planting over 15,000,000 trees!

Our global impact is through an organization called The Bucket Ministry, which helps provide clean drinking water to communities without access. With every filter donated, over 1,000,000 gallons of clean drinking water can be provided! Our efforts go towards sponsoring a family, village, or even a country with clean water.

We give back to the health community through, which is an especially personal philanthropy for our founders. This association focuses on supporting science-based advocacy, bringing about legislative change, and creating a future where Lyme patients can receive the treatments they need to reduce symptoms and recover.

Our veterans deserve unwavering support, and through a variety of diverse programs and services, Hope for the Warriors does just that. They believe in a holistic well-being model where they approach servicemember wellness through a variety of avenues. Donations help provide clinical health and wellness, transition services, and sports and recreation for veterans.

Susan G. Koman is making a difference in the lives of women globally each day, and that’s why we’re so happy to partner with them. Their work addresses breast cancer on multiple fronts including research, community health, global outreach, and public policy, all in order to make the biggest impact against the disease possible.

How it Works?

Our founders were inspired and motivated to look for ways to give back and empower others a little more each day.


When you purchase from us, nearly $1 of every item we make benefits one of our chosen charities, directly giving back to the community.


That donation amount goes a long way, benefiting one of the many organizations we support in a variety of philanthropic categories.

Spread Joy

We’ve watched each donation directly impact the lives of many, and we’re always proud to spread joy beyond our products.

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